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Festive Potato Salad

Recipe from Festive Flavours Cookbook


Zest 1 Lemon

Handful Italian Parsley

1L Water

6 Eggs

300g Potatoes, peeled and cut into 2cm square chunks

300g Sweet Potato, peeled and cut into 2cm square chunks

1 Onion, peeled and halved

3 cloves Garlic

5 rashers short cut Bacon, roughly chopped

Sea salt to taste

½ quantity TM Mayonnaise mixed with juice ½ Lemon


Place zest of lemon into TM bowl and chop finely for 10-20 seconds on speed 7. Set aside.

Place parsley into TM bowl and chop finely for 5-10 seconds on speed 7. Set aside in same bowl as zest.

Place water into TM bowl and place eggs into basket, potatoes into the Varoma dish and sweet potato in the tray. Set Varoma into position and steam at Varoma temperature for 15 minutes on speed 4 or until potatoes are cooked. Discard water and peel eggs. Remove and set aside to cool.

Place onion and garlic into TM bowl and chop for 2-3 seconds on speed 6.

Add bacon to bowl and sauté for 5 minutes at Varoma temperature on Reverse + speed soft.

Place cooled potatoes on a large serving platter. Cut eggs into wedges and add to platter. Sprinkle with cooked bacon and onion mix. Add salt and drizzle with lemon mayonnaise.

Garnish salad with lemon zest and parsley. Serve immediately.

General Tips

Leave the dressing of potato salad until you are ready to serve as warm potatoes start to absorb dressing and become stodgy.

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