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Plum Pudding Chocolates

 Recipe by Marg Rossi (VIC Consultant)


• 50 gms sugar

• Rind of ½ orange

• Ring of ½ lemon

• 150 gms mmixed dried fruit and nuts

• Large pinch of mixed spice

• Large pinch of cinnamon

• Large pinch of nutmeg

• 50mls brandy or rum

• 75 gms cocoa powder

• 125 gms butter

Chocolate coating

• 350 grm dark chocolate for dippping chocolates

• 100 grms white chocolate

• Red berries and green angelica for decorating


Pulverize sugar for 8 seconds, speed 8. Empty TM Bowl and reserve

Add orange and lemon rind and grate for 15 seconds, speed 9

Add fruit, nuts and spices and chop for 7 to 9 seconds, speed6

Add brandy or rum and mix on reverse, 5 seconds, speed 4.

Empty mixture into a bowl and let stand for 1 hour or more.

Add butter, sugar and cocoa into TM and mix, 10 seconds, speed 4.

Add fruit mixture and mix, reverse, speed 4 for 8 seconds or until combined.

Store in a container and refrigerate until firm

Roll into balls of chosen size and place on baking paper and sit in freezer.

Grate chocolate in TM, speed 8 for 4 seconds

Melt chocolate on 50°C, speed 3 until chocolate is smooth

Spear the chocolate balls with tooth picks and dip into the melted chocolate

Place the tooth picks into a pumpkin, pineapple, zucchini or something similar to support until chocolate has set.

When set place on baking paper and dribble melted white chocolate onto the top of each chocolate and decorate with a piece of berry and angelica.

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