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Sherbet Cones


138gram box of mini ice cream cones


100grms Icing sugar (make in TM if you want to use raw sugar)

1 tspn Citric Acid

1 tspn Bi-carb soda


375grms Raw sugar to make castor sugar

125ml Hot water – not boiling

125ml Cold water

4 tspns Gelatine

1 tspn Vanilla extract

Food colouring or essence if desired

Corn flour and icing sugar – mix together in a bowl equal amounts to dust over marshmallow


To make sherbet cones

Make a cardboard or wood cut out with holes to hold cones upright and support with 4 glasses place cones in holes add sherbet then add mashmallow on top to seal sherbet let marshmallow set in the open air after about 15minutes sprinkle with 100s and 1000s if required. Dip cones into cornflour and icing sugar mix to dry out wet marshmallow


Place Raw sugar in TM bowl mill speed 10 for 6 seconds

Add other ingredients and mix all ingredients speed 8 for 10 seconds until combined. If taste is too strong add more icing sugar and remix until you get the Tang you like.

Set aside


Place Raw sugar in TM bowl mill speed 10 for 6 seconds

Place Butterfly in TM bowl and hot water, add cold water and gelatine (Sprinkle over waters around edge of bowl ) mix for 5 minutes on speed 4

Add Vanilla extract or flavour and colour and mix further 1 minutes on speed 4.


Left over marshmallow can be put in a buttered pan let set dust with cornflour mix and cut into squares or with cookie cutters- dip in hot water between each cut. Do not seal marshmallow in a airtight container as it will sweat, leave in open air to store wrap in cellophane paper

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  1. avatar Sarah Says:

    I have put some lovely fresh lemon zest into the sherbert mixture, and whizzed it all together in my thermomix, and it makes the sherbert have that real lemon flavour rather than just the tang from citric acid.

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