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Brons’ Minestrone

Recipe by Bron from Forum Thermomix


500g veg (I use up all leftovers, carrot, small turnip, courgette, parsnip, artichoke hearts, fresh green asparagus, peas, green beans, peppers, celery)

50g olive oil

50g onion

20g tomato pure or tomato pizza sauce (I always have in the fridge!)

1 clove garlic

50g bacon or serrano ham (in bits, can be chopped in THX in a few short turbo blasts)

1000g TM chicken or equivalent water and 1 tbsp veg stock concentrate (I use veg)


50g round grain rice

50g grated Parmesan cheese

50g butter

Chopped flat parsley


Grate cheese.

Place all the veg in TM bowl and chop 5 seconds Speed 4. (Except peas, artichoke and asparagus as these look nice hand chopped/whole) Keep aside.

Place garlic & onion in TM bowl, blitz 2 seconds Speed 5.

Add oil and bacon/ham, program 5 mins 100º speed 2.

Add stock and program 8 mins 100º speed 2. (I skip this step by adding boiling water from kettle!) Wink

Add remaining vegetables, tomato, black pepper and rice and program 15 mins 100º reverse, speed 1.

Pour into serving bowl, add parsley, Parmesan and butter. Stir.

General Tips/Hints:

I find it doesn’t need salt, as I use TM stock and of course the bacon/ham is quite salty.

You can use small pasta shapes instead of rice. Both are lovely!

Wonderful recipe to clear out fridge! I make it every couple of weeks


  1. avatar Cookie1 Says:

    A lovely soup. I often add beetroot as one of the vegetables. You get a soup similar to borscht.

  2. avatar Karen Salvalaggio Says:

    Made this for dinner tonight. Delicious

  3. avatar Thermomix Recipes Says:

    Lovely recipe… Shame this blog is not updated frequently… Thanks for sharing.

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