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Tom Ka Gai Soup

Recipe by Thermomix Blogger Helene

(a classic Thai recipe adapted for Thermomix)


1000 g. chicken broth (home-made is best, but store-bought will do)

If you don’t have enough stock on hand, just make up the difference with water.

400 g. coconut milk

4 chicken thighs (boneless, skinless is my preference)

4-5 medium mushrooms

1 piece lemon grass

1 thumb-sized piece Galanga

small handful dried chili peppers

small handful Kefir lime leaves

1 tablespoon garlic-chili paste

1 lime (use lemon or bottled lime juice if fresh lime is not available to you)

fresh cilantro


- Cut and crush seasonings (slice lemon grass and Galanga, crush peppers and lime leaves) as seen in video, to break up fibers and release flavours.

- Put chicken stock and coconut milk into Thermomix bowl.

- Add prepared seasonings to the liquid, with garlic-chili paste.

- Cook for 5 minutes at 100° C on REVERSE speed 2 to begin infusion of flavours. Meanwhile, prepare chicken by cutting into smaller pieces.

- Place basket into Thermomix bowl full of liquid.

- Add chicken pieces to the bowl.

- Cook 10 minutes at 90° C on REVERSE speed 2

- Add chopped mushrooms.

- Again, cook 10 minutes at 90° C on REVERSE speed 2

- Garnish and serve! (Tastes great by itself or with rice.)

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  1. avatar ThermomixBlogger Helene Says:

    Hi Steph – Thanks for sharing my recipe with your readers. (I just found this link today!) The Thai soup is popular with everyone who tries it… it simply makes people feel better.

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