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Zucchini soup

500g zucchini, chopped roughly

130g onion, quartered

100g potato, cut into large chunks

100g carrot, cut into chunks

25g butter

500mls chicken stock or vegetable stock (I used chicken)

S & P to taste

2 Tblspns cream


Place all the vegetables into the TM bowl, chop for 5 seconds on speed 5.

Add the butter and cook 6 mins on 100o on Reverse, speed 1.

Add the stock and cook 35 mins 100o Reverse, speed 1.

Check to see what texture the soup is at this stage and either blitz it to suit or leave as it is.

Add S & P to taste plus 2 Tblspns cream and stir through before serving


  1. avatar Georgina Says:

    This is a really great recipe – a lovely balance of flavours!!!

  2. avatar Lou Says:

    This is a great soup! Lovely taste and texture, & super easy. My diet requirements are dairy-free, so I put in 200ml of coconut milk instead. Will definitely make again.

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