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Poached Eggs

Recipe by Thermomixer

6 eggs

dariole moulds or small cups

plastic wrap

oil to grease

rubber bands

500g water


The plastic wrap is placed inside a dariole mould or cup so that the egg can be broken into it. I find it easier to grease the wrap before placing the eggs into the wrap and the parcels are then tied using a rubber band to seal it without air.

The little packages are then placed into the Thermomix basket.

Place the water into the TM bowl and cook for 6 minutes at Varoma temperature on Speed 1.

Place the basket with egg parcels into the TM bowl and “poach” for 4-6 minutes at Varoma temperature on Speed 1.

Season with S & P and serve immediately with toast soldiers


  1. avatar Steph Says:

    I have tried Thermomixer’s recie above and it is a winner. I however seem to have moved to poaching my eggs in the Varoma. I line the dish or tray of the Varoma with the silicone cupcake cases. I use silicone cupcake case as they seem to hold the shape but allow the gentle heat to cook through. I spray and then crack an egg into each one. I lightly season the top of each one. I add 500 grms water to the jug and place on varoma temp for around 14mins on speed 3. I have been able to poach up to 12 at a time using this method. Place the varoma trays on top and watch them transform!!

    The timing will vary depending on whether you like a soft centred or more cooked. ENJOY :)

  2. avatar Sonja Says:

    The poached eggs using your silicone cupcake case method worked perfectly. I received lots of appreciative comments. Thanks Steph.

  3. avatar Adele Says:

    I, too, like the silicone mould method, as I’m not comfortable with heating plastic wrap against my food and silicone is an inert substance which doesn’t leach into food ;)

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