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VAROMA Creamy Chicken and Vegies

Recipe by Baf65 from the Thermomix Forum Website

500 g of stock

500g potatoes

500g chicken breasts

500g of vegies

100g cream cheese

20g flour

Put say half litre of stock in the TM bowl, (water and stock concentrate if you are making the stock yourself).

Potatoes chopped up in the steamer basket

Chicken breast cut into strips in the Varoma dish (bottom layer), sprinkle with some Herbamore or other seasoning

Vegies on the top layer of the Varoma dish (whatever vegies you like, fill it up!)

Cook potatoes on Varoma temp for 10mins speed 4, then put the Varoma on the top for a further 20mins

If all are cooked, remove Varoma and potatoes, set aside and keep warm.

To the liquid remaining in the TM bowl, add 100g block of Philly cream cheese and about 30g of flour, cook for 2 mins on speed 4, 100C

That then becomes the cheesy sauce to pour over the chicken, vegies and potatoes

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  1. avatar Vonnie Says:

    This is my families favourite recipe, they always ask for chicken veroma :)

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