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Chilli Jam

Recipe by Alina0210 from the Thermomix Forum website

6 long fresh red chillies

1/4 cup white vinegar

1/2 cup castor sugar

1 tsp salt

4 cloves garlic

2 tsp fish sauce


Trim the stems off the chillies

If you want a milder flavour remove the seeds.

If you want it even milder again, soak the chillies in hot water for 15 minutes and then drain.

Put all the ingredients in the TMX and process 10secs on speed 7.

Heat for 15mins at 100 degrees on speed 1. (keep an eye on it as you dont want Chilli paste). Time really just depends on juiciness of Chillies.

Pour into sterilized jar/s.


  1. avatar Heidemarie Bulow Says:

    Steph, this chilli jam is fantastic. Fabulous colour, great taste. Not being quite so brave, I used 5 chillies & one red capsicum, so ended up cooking it for a lot longer. It is just so nice, especially with the home grown chillies I was given, that I will be making it again.

  2. avatar Steph Says:

    That’s great feedback Heidemarie, I am thinking you may also enjoy the Capsicum Jam Recipe!

  3. avatar Heidemarie Says:

    Thanks Steph. Am going to give it a go today.H

  4. avatar Kylie Says:

    Hi Steph
    I don’t know what I did wrong but my chilli jam was like chilli sauce! It tastes fantastic though. I don’t know how to get it thicker. Any ideas?

  5. avatar Steph Says:

    One of my customers told me jamsetta is the answer but I am unsure. I have had varied results but do end up cooking mine twice to three times as long as the recipe says which does seem to help.

  6. avatar Sharon Says:

    Make this a lot. I use extra chillies and jamsetta to make it like the consistency of quince paste. We have it with cheese.. very nice.

  7. avatar Valentine Says:

    I love this and added a red apple to help set it and gave it a nice sweetness. I’m seriously addicted!

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