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Grape and Wine Jam

Recipe contributed by CarolineW on Forum Thermomix website - Recipe is translated from the 2001 Autumn booklet from the German thermomix club.

500g red grapes, quartered and with seeds removed

250g jam sugar (2:1)

500g white wine

250g extra jam sugar (2:1)

1. Put grapes and first batch of jam sugar in a mixing bowl, and mix. Leave it to soak overnight.

2. Next day, put the white wine and the other batch of jam sugar in the tmx bowl and mix 20 sec / 5

3. Add last night’s grape mixture, and cook for c 13 min / 100oC/ 1

4. Check settting point is reached (tip bowl and see if clings to sides and sort of wrinkles, rather than just sloshing – technical term ) and fill prepared jars.

5. Stand the jars on the lid for c 5-10 mins, then turn and repeat process (5-10 mins). Turn 3 times. This way the grape pieces are evenly distributed throughout the jar.

Tip: This jam is optically very interesting, and makes an excellent gift.

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