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Pear Jam

Recipe by Sue Dengate’s

1 kg of soft ripe pears, peeled and cored (about 750g when cored)

OR 2 825g tins of pears, drained

750g sugar

1 tsp citric acid

1 x 50g packet of Jamsetta

Puree pears in TM. Heat to 90 degrees and add sugar, citric acid and Jamsetter. Set temp to 90, speed 1 and continue stirring/cooking until sugar is dissolved – ( could be 10 to 20 min)

Once sugar is dissolved set temp to varoma, 8min, speed 1.

Allow to cool before pouring into steralised jars or storing in fridge or freezer.

You might have guessed that i havent actually made this in TM yet so not sure of exact times.

A mixture of tinned and fresh pears can be used.

Using TM pears may not have to be peeled.

Sue suggests adding a tsp of whisky to the jam to reduce the sweetness and help to preserve.

Sugar could prob be reduced significantly!

Sue uses this jam as a base for LOTS of slices, cakes sweets ect for those on a failsafe diet.

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