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Slow Cooked Spicy Calamari

Recipe by Judydawn from the Thermomix Forum converted from Recipefinder (Geordiegirl’s kitchen)


1 bunch spring onions cut into 5cm lengths

3 small cloves garlic or 1 large one

1/2 tspn sambal oelek or chillies to taste

3 tblspns olive oil

3 Tblspns tomato puree

250mls chicken stock (or veg stock)

4 calarari tubes, skinned & cut into 2cm strips (tedious but prevents it from being stringy)

2 Tblspns cornflour mixed with a little water

200-300g pasta shells

1200g boiling water, salted


Chop onions, garlic and chilli 2sec/speed 5.

Scrape down with spatula and repeat.

Add oil and saute 4 mins/100o C/speed 1.

Add tomato puree, chicken stock and calamari strips.

Cook 40 mins/90o C/Reverse/speed 1.

Thicken with the cornflour mixture 3 minutes before the end of cooking time.

Pour the calamari into the thermosaver and cook some pasta shells (no need to wash the bowl). Drain when cooked and add to the calamari. Leave to sit for 5 minutes before serving.


Pour 1200mls boiling water into the TM bowl, add 200g-300g pasta shells and cook as per packet directions at 10oC/reverse/speed1.

Time will depend on the size of the pasta. Leave MC on an angle to prevent boil over.

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  1. avatar Michelle Says:

    This recipe is great. The only change I would make is to add a tin of crushed tomatoes to add more texture and a little more of an acidic taste… I also used tomato paste instead of tomato puree… Thanks for posting :-)

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