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Yoghurt, Greek-style Yoghurt, Yoghurt Cheese

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Home-made yoghurt is healthy and very easy to make, and it saves you money at the shops too. I make yoghurt at least twice a week as it’s so little effort and it’s delicious. This recipe uses fresh milk instead of UHT milk as the UHT process changes the flavour of the milk fat and we prefer the flavour using fresh milk. I never use milk powder either as I find that it also changes the flavour. Makes 1 litre set yoghurt, or 600 g Greek-Style Yoghurt, or 400 to 500 g Yoghurt Cheese.


1 litre full-cream or semi-skimmed milk (fresh, not UHT)

2 to 3 Tbsp natural live yoghurt – this is your “starter” culture



1. Heat milk 10 minutes/80°C/Speed 2. (Milk that reaches 80°C for 15 seconds is pasteurised.) Leave milk to cool until 37°C, i.e. the milk is lukewarm to the inside of your wrist (can take several hours). If you’re in a hurry, pour it into a bowl set on another bowl filled with ice.

2. Add yoghurt starter to the milk. Mix 5 seconds/Speed 3.

3. Heat 10 minutes/37°C/Speed 2. If using a thermos, preheat it by pouring in hot water and warming the thermos for 3 or 4 minutes, then tip out the water. As soon as the yoghurt is finished, pour it into the warmed 1 litre thermos, put the lid on and leave to set for 6 to 14 hours or pour into a 1 litre electric yoghurt machine and leave to set for 6 to 14 hours at 37°C. Once the yoghurt is set, it can be used immediately or refrigerated (remove from thermos first) for up to 5 days.

Greek-Style Yoghurt

Strain 1 litre of home-made yoghurt through a muslin-lined sieve or a yoghurt strainer over a measuring jug, leaving it until 400 ml of whey has dripped through – save the strained liquid and use it in baking or as a refreshing drink. Makes about 600 g greek-style yoghurt. This will save you a lot of money – I find that home-made organic greek-style yoghurt costs less than half price compared to buying it ready-made.

Yoghurt Cheese

Strain 1 litre of home-made yoghurt as for greek-style yoghurt above, straining it until 500 to 600 ml of whey has dripped through. Makes 400 to 500 g yoghurt cheese. Can be mixed with honey, fruits, nuts, seeds, muesli or chopped herbs.

Chef’s Tips

Tip: Remember to save 2 to 3 Tbsp yoghurt from this batch as your starter for the next batch.

Tip: You can freeze yoghurt in ice cube trays and use from frozen as your starter if you wish.

Health Note: In order for the human body to be able to absorb the calcium in milk products, they must contain at least 2% butterfat.

Favourite uses:

• served with freshly minced fruit/dates/almonds/coconut and more fresh fruit as an excellent breakfast

• in smoothies

• frozen yoghurts – freeze yoghurt in ice cube trays and use instead of ice in fruit sorbet recipe to creat frozen yoghurt – a variation of the fruit sorbet recipes in the Everyday Cookery Book

• added to bread dough instead of ¼ of the water (replace weight for weight) – gives a lovely flavour and makes the bread more easily digestible • to make greek-style yoghurt to use in Indian cooking recipes – see “Fast and Easy Indian Cooking”

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