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Raw Apple Crumble/Pie

 Recipe by Ewa Niewiadomski

Modified by Janine Babauskis

Ingredients [all the ingredients that are soaked need to be soaked over night]

Nut Base

• 10g [tablespoon] Linseeds

• 240g Almonds [soaked]

• 100g Dry Dates [soaked]

• 20g Sultanas [soaked]


Mill Linseeds, speed 8 for 10 seconds.

Drain and place almonds into the TM bowl and chop for 5 seconds on speed 8.

Add dates with liquid and chop speed 5 for 5 seconds

Place mixtures into a glass casserole dish that has been brushed over with a little oil. Place in fridge while preparing the apple filling.



• 1 Cinnamon stick

• 40g Linseeds

• 200g Dates with liquid [soaked]

• 2 Red Apples [cored]

• 2 Green Apples [cored]

• Extra almonds – optional

• 20g Sultanas [soaked]

• Raspberries – optional

• Juice of 1 lemon


Mill cinnamon stick and linseeds, speed 8 for 12 seconds

Add apple and extra almonds and chop, speed 5 for 2 seconds

Add drained dates (reserve liquid) into TM bowl and chop for on speed 4 for 3 seconds

Incorporate lemon juice and sultanas, reverse, speed 3.

Spread over nut base, sprinkle with raspberries and pour over the reserved liquid from the dates.

Serve with Cashew Cream.

Cashew cream

Fabulous to add to Indian deserts or for those who are avoiding dairy


200g of coconut cream

200g of raw cashew nuts

1 tsp natural vanilla extract

1 tbsp maple syrup

Pinch of sea salt


Place cashews into TM bowl & pulverize for 20 seconds on Speed 6.

Add all the other ingredients and blend for 20 seconds on Speed 6 until smooth and creamy.

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