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GF Muffin Mania

(Adapted from pg 47 ‘Blueberry & Banana Bread’ – Thermomix Gluten Free Cookbook) by Laura Kempt SA Consultant

Base Ingredients

4 egg whites or 2 whole eggs

20g light oil (Macadamia or Grapeseed)

100g plain yoghurt or apple puree

150g buckwheat or sorghum flour

50g vanilla protein powder or skim milk powder

2 tspn gluten free baking powder

Flavouring combinations (choose 1)

• 2 large ripe bananas, peeled + 200g dried fruit of choice + 1 tspn ground cinnamon +

100g honey, maple syrup or raw sugar (optional)

• 450g zucchini + 1 small spring onion(shredded) + 300g grated cheese + pinch

cayenne pepper or 1 tspn paprika

• 450g carrot + 100g crushed pineapple + 100g dried sultanas + pinch nutmeg + 50g

crystallized ginger, chopped

• 200g cooked spinach, well drained + 50g sun dried tomatoes + 100g fetta cheese,

cubed + 50 g pine nuts + ½ tspn dried oregano or basil.


· Pre-heat oven to 180ºC.

· Place bananas, zucchini or carrot into TM bowl and crush for 5 seconds on

speed 6.

· Add all other ingredients and mix for 15 seconds on speed 7.

· Spoon into 12-hole muffin tin lined with patty paper cases.

· Cook for approximately 25 minutes. Test with a skewer to ensure mixture

thoroughly cooked.

· Remove from metal tin and allow to cool on wire rack.

Laura’s Tips

• Always use paper patty cases to line muffin tins: this helps muffins hold their shape

better, makes them easier to remove from tin and avoids need for greasing tin.

• Muffins will have slightly cracked tops because of the low fat content. Don’t be

concerned by seeing muffins sink slightly while cooling.

• These muffins will stay fresh for a day. For longer storage, freeze individually on a

tray first then transfer to a zip-lock bag for longer storage in freezer.


  1. avatar Jo Says:

    Disaster! 25 mins in the oven so far and no where near cooked. Had a feeling that the dough was way too wet when it went it… not sure if these are tried and tested but didn’t work for me :-(

  2. avatar jo Says:

    If its adapted from the thermomix book recipe should it have been 120g of oil NOT 20g? too late for me…

  3. avatar Steph Says:

    Hi Jo,

    So sorry looks like a typo… have amended accordingly.

    Steph xo

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