Videos - Thermomix Recipes from Steph


White Chocolate CustardWhite Chocolate Custard

My gorgeous 6 year old demonstrates how easy it is to make Custard in the Thermomix. The “yummiest” chocolate custard that’s ready in 6 minutes!!

Banana Ice CreamBanana Ice Cream

Chef Dylan making one of his favourite treats set to the muppet song Mahna Mahna as Dylan refers to this as the Banana song… Bananana do do do do….

CADACADA- Snack Time with Chef Dylan

Chef Dylan makes a nutritious and yummy snack using cocomut, apple, dates and almonds …


Here’s a how to guide for you on achieving successful Meringues in your Thermomix.

Pizza DoughPizza Dough

Chef Dylan is hilarious in this presentation of pizza dough-making.

Mashed Potato

Chef Dylan presents Mashed Potato, from the Everyday Cookbook.

Asian Fish Fillets

Chef Dylan presents Asian Fish Fillets, also from the Everyday Cookbook.

Thai Chilli Chicken Thai Chilli Chicken

Chef Dylan presents his unique take on Thai Chilli Chicken with Basil, from Nico Moretti’s “Entertaining with Nico” cookbook.